Exodus is a multidimensional healing modality. The name Exodus means "out of the old and into the new". It is a channelled healing form brought forth from the Archangel and Pleiadian Realms to accelerate our evolution as divinely guided spiritual beings.

It functions as a launching site for merging the mind, body and spirit into one aspect of self who is totally responsible for it's own evolution.

During a treatment you lie covered on a massage table in the same way a Reiki session is conducted but there is a variation in the format of Exodus healing with a series of clearing adjustments and focusing on intent, often above the body.

Exodus also includes specific toning techniques, visualisation and reintegration of the Grid Meridians. This can have a profound impact on your health and spiritual well being.

The effects of an Exodus treatment are multiple. Your heart opens and your mind becomes alive with the Truth of Who You Are. It is extremely useful for the repair of recent energetic or emotional trauma due to drug, alcohol, accident or strong emotional experiences.

An Exodus healing treatment can be up to 90 minutes.



Initial & Follow-up Exodus Healing Treatments $55.00 - 1.5 hours